Physical Therapy       Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists work with children on promoting development and/ or regaining of gross motor skill that may be delayed or lost due to neurological insult, genetic disorder, injury, or other cause. The main goal is to help children reach their maximum potential for functional independence.

Occupational Therapy       Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists work with children on promoting development and/ or regaining of skills needed for everyday activities. This often will include bilateral coordination, fine motor skills, cognitive skills, self-care skill, visual motor/perceptual skills, and sensory processing.

Speech-Language Therapy       Speech-Language Therapy

Speech-Language Therapists work with children on promoting development or regaining of communication skills and the overall function of the oral cavity. This may include receptive/expressive language skills, cognitive skills, oral-motor abilities, identifying muscle weakness for articulation, and feeding/swallowing.

Equipment       Equipment

Depending on what type of equipment your child needs, Advance for Kids’ therapists will assist you in obtaining just the right match. We are able to inform family ahead of time of any cost and whether or not the equipment is covered by insurance. All of our OTs, PTs, and SLPs can assist you through equipment possibilities within their scope of practice. We often offer on-site assistance with vendors for custom orthotic/prosthetic needs, as well as, assistance for other durable medical equipment.


Welcome to Advance For Kids

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Advance for kids is a private, therapist owned, out-patient rehabilitation clinic. Our focus is helping children ages 0-21 years old to become as independent as possible regardless of their special needs. We provide physical, occupational and speech language therapy services.